• Friedberg ~1910

    This commission was done with pen and ink and took about two weeks to complete using restored historical photos. Some personal touches were added. See Fullsize

  • Study of Anatomy in Motion

    Part of a series of pieces this one was more rendered.See Fullsize

  • Rook

    A 3DTotal forum submission for a character concept art challenge.See Fullsize

  • Conté Crayons Mike

    Another study of anatomy in motion using conté crayons.See Fullsize

  • Wedding Gown

    Charcoal portrait referenced from a photo.See Fullsize

  • Character Concept Art

    Various concepts for character design.See Fullsize

  • Crank's Victory

    This is a part of a prototype game I am working on entitled: Crank's Nut Hunt, a 3D action sidescroller RPG adventure about a clever squirrel trying to reclaim his stolen nuts.See Fullsize